Hi everyone, happy newyear!

I'm kicking off this year by going freelance. I'm very excited, bought myself a new edit set wich I planted in my studio on the Prinsengracht.

The old Palace of Justice!

Hailing from kings like Postoffice and The Ambassadors, I know how to roll ;)

Being a freelancer however, means I can sit wherever I'm needed. So I'm not in the least tied to my own palace. If you have an avid or premiere set up somewhere I'll be glad to visit you and work there.

Besides editing I've been interested in grading for some time now. I've been lucky enough to have had some grading jobs to build some experience. Whenever the oppertunity arises I grab it and hope to continue on this path.

So there's that, check my site for some of my work, I'm bookable!

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